Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation Bible School is this week, which is always so much fun for me. It does my heart good to teach little one's about Jesus. I have very fond memories of going to vbs when I was a little girl. Unfortunately one of my biggest memories is having a giant crush on this boy ( I say boy, because I was in like 3rd grade), and I looked forward to going because he was going to be there. It's really sad to me that the most distinct memory I have of vbs is that boy--not that I learned about Jesus or the gospel, just that there was a boy there that I had a crush on. ha! It's actually not funny; it makes me frustrated with my little third grade self! 

Rory and I are the teachers again this year. It's such a joy to be able to be with these kids every evening for 5 days straight to teach them about Christ and what He did for us. You're totally exhausted by the end of the week, but it's so worth it.

 This year's theme is " International Spy Academy" and we're teaching the kids how to be detectives to find truth (distinguishing between false religions, and recognizing that there is only one true God). It's really stinkin' cool if you ask me, and a great way to keep them interested. 

When these kids get to be my age, I want them to have precious memories of vbs. My prayer is that their little hearts will be touched, and that even at this young age they'll recognize just how much Jesus loves them. I want them to have a heart that desires to follow him ( not boys--ha!)

I'm keeping this sweet and simple today. 

Love you all

....and yes, my code name is twinkle toes! 


  1. So fun, I love the prayer to. Twinkle toes, hehe he! Have a great week at VBS. Marissa had so much fun when she went she is still talking about it 2 weeks later. Awesome to get to share Jesus and impact so many kids.

  2. Thank you for offering your hearts and your time to teach these precious little lives about our Savior!!

  3. I loved VBS growing up! Such good memories...that awesome you share that experience with the kids!

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  4. Oohhhhh I love the theme this year! Kids need to know not only the truth but like a detective.....learn how to find clues of other things that are false that could look like its fine. I loved VBS when I was a kid too, I never had a crush on anyone but Gods word has always been a comfort to me. I wish I could help out as an adult!

  5. Cool theme! (Honestly VBS themes play a big role. While I have fond memories of VBS, there were some years where... not so much.) Awesome code name BTW!


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