Looking Inward.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


  Happy Thursday! I don't know how you feel, but I feel like Thursdays are total teasers! It's like we've had a long week behind us, but we're not quite to Friday. See! Total teaser. 

On a completely different note, I've been thinking a lot lately about physical appearance and what role it should play in a Christian's life. Most, if not all of us, have a desire to look good. "Good" might look different for everyone, but regardless, everyone wants to be physically appealing. Right?

I've grown up always being incredibly self conscious. I remember being in 8th grade graduation, and wearing a cardigan with my graduation dress, because for whatever reason I hated my arms and didn't want them to show. There were days when I wouldn't go to school because I had pimples on my face, and moments in high school where I would go home "sick," because I felt like my outfit made me look fat. I even dropped  out of a dance the day of a recital, because the costume "made me look fat" ( this was probably Jr high-ish age as well). Needless to say, my pre-teen/teenage years were really rough for me.

I'm happy to say that now, even though I'm still not exactly where I want to be physically, I'm so much happier being me. Sure, I still have days where I change my outfit 6 times before I leave the house, or days when I feel like my hair just won't do what I want it to, but that's just part of being a woman. I believe it's also a part of putting my life into perspective and recognizing how much more important it is to get my heart in shape, because that's what Jesus is ultimately concerned with. That's not to say that we should just let ourselves go, eat lots of junk and not care if we're healthy. I truly believe if we focus on our hearts, usually the desire to take care of this body that Christ gave us becomes easier, as we set our focus on Him and less on outward things.

I really wanted to focus on God in all of this. I want to take care of this body, because it's His, not because I want other people's approval.  We've grown up in this world where physical image has become extremely important, and in a lot of ways has turned into woman feeling this overwhelming need to be perfect.

 I've got news for you: 

Having the " perfect" body isn't going to make you happy, and it won't make all your problems go away.  It just won't. 

Our body is a temple. What does this mean?  We need to honor God with our bodies! God's spirit dwells within us; therefore, we need to treat it that way. For this reason, yes, I believe that God wants us to take care of our bodies. I totally believe we can honor God when we're eating healthy and watching what we put into our bodies; it's all a part of being disciplined. Just as we're supposed to be disciplined in our actions and thoughts, we need to be disciplined with our body.

Friends, we're made in the image of God. Isn't that amazing? We were made to resemble God. That's a big statement, I know.  It makes me want to go sit in a corner for awhile, and just think about the ways that I'm resembling God. Am I resembling God? Can people see Christ in me?

Which leads me to this....
I could have just stopped at " Therefore be imitators of God..," but I just couldn't leave out the part about walking in love, because I feel like that's very important to a believers life.

 Jesus is love, and since we're called to be like Jesus, we need to walk in love. I'm not going to turn this into a "you need to love yourself" pep talk, because that just brings the focus back to ourselves, and not on Him. We need to be love, because He is love. Not for ourselves, but for the purpose to bring glory to our creator.

On this earth, we're never going to sinless as Christ was, but he tells us that "...he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus" Philippians 1:6  Isn't that exciting news? God will faithfully, and consistantly be working on our hearts, sanctifying us until we're with Him. I don't know about you, but this brings me extreme comfort and joy.

The main point of all of this was for me to just refocus myself. I get caught up in eating this and not that, making sure I work out enough, and I spend way too much time thinking about how I wish I could fit in a size 5 pants again for once in my life.

You readers are so awesome. Thanks for letting me share my life with you.

By the way...head on over and pick yourself up one of these.
Amazing shirt, right? I need one.


  1. I love those Cross Training Couture tanks. My favorite is her Proverbs 31 one that says "She works hard and makes her arms strong." I totally wear it on arm day at the gym. :)

  2. Ah so good and so true! I'm the same way....so self conscious..always have been. I'm a lot better now, but still have my days and this was exactly what I needed to read. And that has always been one of my favorite verses :-) xo Marisa

  3. Allyssa, this post is amazing! I have thought about posting something like this but don't think I nearly could have used the words you did. I needed to read this to apply to my own life. It's a constant battle in my mind...between loving myself physically and not being hard on myself for not being perfect or able to fit into my size 5 pants also! Beautiful message! Thank you for posting :) I'm your newest follower!


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