Friday Five.

Friday, May 23, 2014

We made it, guys! It's Friday! Thank God. I'm ready for a nice 3-day weekend. It's really funny, because I never realized how special weekends were until several years ago when I started a full time job. I work in a Corporate office, and on Friday's, instead of people greeting you with " hey, how are you?", it's " hey, it's Friday!". Friday's are special.

Here are some highlights from my week:

{1} The guy in the cubicle next to me is talking on the phone about some online video game that he's been playing. It involves some sort of castle that you have to protect. It's really entertaining to listen to and super, SUPER nerdy. I just thought I'd share, because it's funny. The corporate world can be quite entertaining sometimes. 

{2} I haven't gotten Starbucks at all this week. This is a big deal for me. Rory was out of town in San Diego at a work conference, and so I gave him a Starbucks card so he would get coffee on me the whole time he was there. The things we do for our men...

{3} Yesterday I learned how incredibly expensive vacuum cleaners can be. I went home on my lunch break and just started noticing all the cat hair everywhere and got totally grossed out. My vacuum cleaner broke, and in my mind that's considered an emergency when you have a cat who sheds like crazy. I never thought I would ever be recommending a vacuum cleaner on my blog, but this one  is AMAZING and totally worth the money. You think your house is clean, then you use this vacuum cleaner and realize how much your previous one wasn't picking up. ew.

{4} This week I kicked butt in my workouts. I did 3 metcons this week, as well as worked on my bench press and shoulder press. Yesterday's workout kicked my butt. The WOD was 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 of Burpee's, squat's and push up's ( 2 burpee's 2 squat's, 2 push up's, then 4 burpee's, 4 squat's and 4 push up's, etc...). Needless to say, I'm incrediby sore today. Have you ever done a Burpee? If you have, then I'm sure you can feel my pain.

{5} Yesterday I was reading The Persuit of Holiness, and it was talking about our hearts when it comes to overcoming sin, or putting off sin. Are we purposing to put off sin because we know it's hurtful to God when we do, or are we putting it off for selfish reasons because we personally want to be able to have victory over sin to make us feel better about ourselves? I've never thought of that before! In our struggle against sin, are we wanting to be obedient for the sake of Christ, or for ourselves so we can get something out of it and/or look good to other people? Definitely something to ponder and pray about.

Have a great weekend, friends. I love you all! 

It's a problem.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

  Friends, I'm having a problem. I've been on this journey of getting healthy and working out on a consistent basis. I feel like I'm finally getting the workout part of all of this down, but it's my nutrition that I'm struggling with. I know all of us go through this, but it's really discouraging to me when I feel like food is winning on the imaginary scale in my mind; the scale that has my goals on one side and a really tasty treat on the other. The funny thing is (and probably the most frustrating), is that I know how to eat healthy and I know what I have to do to achieve my goals, because I've done it before. I'm not doing it, though. It's just so frustrating that there is a constant battle going on in my head when it comes to food. It's totally psychological, because when I'm not focusing on a goal, I don't ever crave sweets. It's the whole wanting what you can't have thing.

Obviously I"m not like sitting around eating sweets all day long. I eat really, really clean all day long, but it's in the evening after my workout that I start to crave carby foods.  I asked Jason Seib, the author of Paleo Coach how to get over this ( I'm part of his online community EPlifefit), and he said you just have to tough it out. The reason it's so hard is because when you eat Paleo you're cutting out all the bread and processed carbs that your body has been used to using for energy, so when you don't eat them, your body is like " hey..what's going on!!" and freaks out just a little bit. I have no metabolic flexibility at the moment.  But seriously, what happened to my self control?  This is annoying. 

On a happy note, I'm kicking butt on my workouts! I'm working out completely different than I did before ( I'm working more on metabolic conditioning) and I can totally tell a difference. I feel like I've been beat up afterwards, but it's worth it. 

Thanks for letting me rant. I've got this! 

My week of workouts!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello, friends! This week I have really been focusing on working out and getting my diet dialed in. I've been trying to eat clean Paleo as much as I can and workout on a consistant basis. I feel SO much better when I'm consistant with both of these things, and it's really as if my body responds to it right away.

 Here are the workout's I've done so far this week:

Workout 1 & 3 are from Jen Sinklers Lift Weights Faster program 
Workout 2 is from my EPLifeFit membership

I really respect Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso. They both really focus on health first and "getting hot by accident". 

What are your go-to workouts these days?

Breakfast Favorites

Monday, May 12, 2014

{ Pretend there's some coconut oil here, because I totally forgot to include it in the picture.}

I don't know what it is about today, but I don't feel like I'm on top of my game! I woke up this morning in a panic because my phone had turned off in the middle of the night, and I jumped out of bed to go look at a clock, because it totally felt like it was 9 and I was supposed to be at work at 7:30.  Lucky for me, it was only 6:39. On top of that, I woke up with allergies so bad that I couldn't even put my eye makeup on, because my eyes were burning so bad that they started watering, which in turn made the mascara that I was putting on get all over my eye lid and smear everywhere, ruining my eye shadow. Big problems, right?

 It must be Monday. 

One thing that makes me really happy is Breakfast food! Seriously. What's funny is that I don't typically eat breakfast for breakfast, I usually eat it for lunch or dinner. Sometimes I'll wake up extra early and cook up a nice meal, but I generally don't. I like my sleep. 

Yams, Eggs and bacon. It doesn't get much better than that. You can make these into a yummy frittata, do an awesome scramble, or you can eat them all separately. Either way, you're getting good macro nutrients here. One thing I forget to add that I'm kicking myself for is coconut oil. A teaspoon of coconut oil added to your eggs every morning gives you some nice good fat to help keep you satiated until lunch time. 

I guess I should mention the Ketchup. haha! Well, I just love eating Ketchup with my eggs. Call me weird, it's okay. When I discovered that regular Ketchup has high-fructose corn syrup in it, I freaked out! People, don't feed your kids Ketchup that has HFCS in it. I love Annie's Organic Ketchup. It's obviously not as good as making your own Ketchup, because there is some cane sugar in it {sadly}, but it's better than every other Ketchup you can buy at the store.  Bonus: they have it at Target! 

What's your go-to breakfast foods?

Joy and Carpets

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I know that some of you can relate, at least I hope I'm not alone in this. You know when you just finished cleaning your house, and then someone eats and leaves all the dishes in the sink? Or you just finished shampooing your carpets, and then you wake up the next morning and find that your dog had an accident on the floor? This happens to me all the time, and let's be honest here, it totally steals my joy.

 In fact, I tend to get really angry. 

I've been on vacation this entire week, and so yesterday I thought I would spend some time cleaning and doing stuff around the house. I shampooed the carpets like a pro, dusted, did the dishes--the works. I woke up this morning, and saw that my dog had an accident on the floor that I just shampooed

I got so angry. 

After my anger subsided a bit, I figured I had 2 choices: to either let this ruin my last day of vacation, or to clean it up and move on. 

I decided to stick with the latter, because I want this to be a happy day. 

I'm trying to get better at just letting things like this go, because it causes me to sin: I get angry, I don't end up showing the love of Christ, and I certainly don't feel like being kind. 

A couple years ago I remember telling a lady friend of mine about how much a dirty house bothered me. Her advice was to just let it go. I remember thinking that she was totally crazy, because she didn't realize how for my own sanity that I needed things to be clean. 

She was absolutely right, though. The past couple years I've really worked on letting things go, and it's made me so much happier and less stressed out. 

Life is always going to test our patience, but when we look at it in the scheme of eternity, the little things that bother us become so little.

I hope you all are having a lovely week! 

I'm 26 today!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rory and I are on our way out of town right now to spend a day together for my birthday. I wanted a really low key birthday this year. Low key as in we're going to Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods to stock up on some of my favorite coffee and going out to dinner. I'm normally one of those people whose really into birthdays and my birthday is more like a birthday week, as opposed to just a birthday. This year just feels different to me, though. I'm mostly wondering where all these years went! I'm 26!! What! When I was like 18, 26 seemed so far away and so mature and grown up. I'm finally starting to actually feel like a grown up, which is a strange feeling.  I'm looking forward to what The Lord has for me this year. 

Cheers to 26! 

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